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FAST offers a wide range of parts for vans. From the very beginning our goal was to deliver a complete portfolio of products matching most of light commercial vehicles on European roads. 

This is why the foundation of our offer is built from the basics. We start with common and most frequently used products all the way to the specialized ones that can only be found in the OE range or components which are not even offered by OE. FAST is not just an aftermarket brand for most of vans. It is an added value. We listen to our customers, monitor the market and take conclusions from complaints. This approach leads to modifications and improvements we apply to FAST products.

DEVELOPMENT. We continuously grow our product range to all makes of vans

WIDE OFFER. We keep on growing in references to Mercedes and Volkswagen.

FUTURE PLANS. Our goal is to reach 20 000 references over the next three years.

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It is very simple. You have two options. Fill in the contact form on the website and our salesman will contact you as soon as possible. If you would like to talk straight away, you will find the contact details of our salespeople under the contact tab.

Although van parts are the cornerstone of our business, we have decided to expand into passenger cars as well. Based on our many years of experience in producing parts for the very demanding van category, we are now introducing more and more parts for passenger cars into our range.

No problem. Our team of specialists will help you create your first order based on your market data. We will provide your sales team with maximum information on spare parts and their selection. You will receive access to the B2B ordering platform and contact details of your assigned representative.

FAST will allow you to increase revenue without changing your sales structure. Our experts will share their experience with your employees in the selection of spare parts for vans. You can increase the profit from sales to your regular customers and attract brand new customers. As a result, you will significantly increase your turnover with the same amount of work.