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FAST is a brand of high-quality parts for vans (light commercial vehicles). With FAST you can be sure that the part you need will fit your van. FAST ensures the parts you assemble are durable and reliable, while maintaining an attractive price.

The main area of operation and field of specialization of the company is the production of spare parts for vehicles from FIAT, Iveco, Renault, PSA and Mercedes-Benz groups. FAST has over 10,000 codes for most vans on European roads.

FAST - Be Sure!

Do you own a van or a whole fleet? Do you sell parts or are you the owner of a workshop? With Fast you can be sure that your business will be profitable.

A wide range and high quality of products

Every month we expand our offer with many new products. FAST includes parts for 70% of all commercial vehicles registered in Europe. The quality is confirmed by the complaint rate - less than 1 per mille.

Specialization in LCV market

We know LCVs inside out. We know the causes of most common faults and why they occur. That's why FAST is the best match for vans. You can be sure that FAST parts will fit your car.

Quickly find, match and order parts

The presence in the Tecdoc catalog and carefully compiled databases make it easy to find a FAST spare part. An efficient logistics and distribution system gives you confidence that the part will reach you really quickly.

Fast Original - parts for light commercial vehicles 

Light commercial vehicles are the fastest growing share of the car market in Europe. The share of LCV cars in Europe is growing 1/3 faster than passenger cars and almost 2 times faster than trucks. At that time, the number of passenger cars increased by about 8 % and trucks by only 6%. The van parts market is therefore very attractive. To be successful in it, you need a good offer: 

  • Properly matched spares 
  • Proven high quality
  • Fair margin

This is what the FAST offers. FAST is the only specialist in Europe offering spare parts for vans, with over 15 years of experience. FAST has more than 10 000 product codes for LCV’s of the most popular brands. They correspond to over 70% of vehicles of this class in Europe. The FAST brand offers parts for vans from the Stellantis group: Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Opel as well as Iveco, Renault, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen. Are you a spare parts distrubutor? Think about extending the offer to LCV.  

FAST offers you: 

  • Training on how to fing and match parts for light commercial vehicles 
  • Assistance of an experienced staff who speaks your language 
  • Access to a convenient ordering platform 
  • Offer for over 10 000 lcv spare parts 
  • First stock of the best-moving goods, so that the assortment available at your place even better suits the needs of your customers. 

FAST is regularly sold in the retail and wholesale trade of spare parts in 40 countries, mainly in Europe. The number of spare parts for vans in the FAST offer is growing by several hundred products per month. The FAST brand provides data to TecDoc, making it easy to find worldwide. FAST car spare parts are manufactured in certified factories, often on the same production lines as original parts. They undergo a multi-stage quality control: From lab measurements to road tests. The high quality of Fast products is reflected in the low number of complaints. In 2021, it was only 0.07%. In addition, FAST products have a number of quality control organization certificates, including TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Nord, TÜV Süd. FAST is also  constantly innovating. It is often the first to introduce new aftermarket parts. Sometimes it is the only alternative to original parts. These unique products include selected suspension elements for a number of cars, steering rack for Mercedes Sprinter >18, Renault Master oil pump >10 and many others. FAST also includes products that have been improved compared to the OE, such as reinforced control arms, control arms with replaceable pins, reinforced shock absorbers, intercooler pipes with increased durability and many others. FAST is also good at logistics. The company has its own warehouse with a capacity of 12 000 sq. meters. The logistic system ensures delivery within the European Union and the European Economic Area within 1-2 days. FAST is your partner and can help you develop your business by: 

  • an optimal value for money, ensuring high quality and reliability at a good price 
  • the widest range of parts for leading LCV brands 
  • a wide product base with accurate matching with OE
  • recognizable in whole Europe
  • introducing many new product codes monthly
  • chosen by the car fleets 
  • Offers a line of enhanced or improved products 

Safely develop retail and wholesale trade in spare parts with FAST. Using experience-based consulting and high availability of parts at the right price levels, you will quickly provide your customers with valuable offer they are looking for. Our reliable pricing policy allows our distributors to offer attractive prices to end users. as a result, we all make money and our customers are eager to re-order.


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